Zhengzhong Culture

     After years of hard work hard struggle. Changsha Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. has become Zhengzhong domestic mining ropeway industry leading enterprises in this. I have the honor concern. Zhengzhong levels of government to support the development of science and technology of mine cableway. Friends, the majority of users of the most sincere respect and gratitude!


     We will continue to carry forward the upright. Diligence Innovation loyal 'entrepreneurial spirit. Uphold the' technology-based, the pursuit of excellence and dedication to serve the country an idea of honest, persistent pursuit of good governance. Evolving his own return to the community. In the 'sincere equality of plans principles of development '. we warmly welcome all friends to establish and develop various forms of economic and technological cooperation and trade with us hand in hand to create a better tomorrow and progress.

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