Customer service measures and commitments
Rapid reaction:
1, to establish 12-hour service hotline number:
0731-85059639,0731-85350116 (fax);
2, after receiving customer calls, to respond within 15 minutes, arrived at the scene within 36 hours;
3, fault pending before the service engineer can not leave the scene, customers need permission to leave the scene.
4, service charge: Wang Lishi 13,975,804,197 (Minister of Service Department)
Pre-sale services:
As a good customer staff and assistants, so that each user has an investment to get good returns.
1, to the scene investigation, measuring relevant parameters, and according to the special requirements of customers, design and manufacture of products.
2, for customer training and technical personnel.
3, to provide a new, unique, difficult construction technical advice or develop appropriate construction plan
Improving overall customer value, so that customers no worries.
1, to help users develop construction program;
2, equipment installation and commissioning. The company sent professional and technical personnel to the scene to guide the installation and commissioning, and technical tests;
3, on-site training of operators and technical personnel;
4, fast active, on-site troubleshooting. Life-long service to the product, and ask the periodic visits, telephone interviews each month, each quarter, to send personnel on-site visits, routine maintenance every six months, once a year for maintenance and overhaul services with the user;
5, actively looking for potential users are not satisfied, complain resources;
6, to provide premium services;
7, organize and provide opportunities for technology exchange;
8, lifetime supply of free maintenance, and upgrade equipment for technical support
Parts supply:
Company stock, to ensure 24-hour supply in place; since products from the company shipped no later than 72 hours, domestic procurement pieces not more than 96 hours.
Product packaging
1. Packing mark: four adjacent sides of each box with paint to make the following tags Chinese words:
(A) the consignee:
(B) Contract number:
(C) Destination:
(D) the consignor:
(E) goods name:
(F) the package number and a detailed packing list
(G) GW / NW:
(H) Size
2, if the weight of each package in two tons (t) or 2 tons (t) or more, we will make the appropriate transport with Chinese mark on both sides of each package, marked "center of gravity" and "lifting point" for handling and transport. According to different requirements and characteristics of the transport of goods, the seller should be clearly marked on the package "Handle With Care", "Do not upside down," "moisture" and other words and other appropriate signs.
3, We are responsible for arranging transportation, and is responsible for all transportation charges to the place of delivery before unloading, insurance, handling fees.