Plant construction area view

Zhengzhong Building - Luxurious battle to build a small town vocational complex, is now foreign investment!

Construction area of 12,000 square meters, is located in Changsha, Zhuzhou city center, close to the beltway, Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao high-speed, 15 minutes to Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway station, 25 minutes up the Huanghua Airport, the location is good.

Building located Yuhua District, "Hunan Yuhua Economic Development Zone", the park has settled BYD Auto, Chen Keming surface industry, Xiaoguang mold and other dozens of well-known companies, as well as the city of Changsha Vocational Education, ningxiang Normal University, Changsha car e-schools, commerce and tourism college nearly as colleges, businesses mature.

Zhengzhong luxurious mansion decorated, fully furnished, equipped with central air conditioning, elevators, underground garage, green center, meeting rooms, panoramic garden setting, spacious, clean and comfortable.

The building can be used for office, catering, leisure, entertainment, affordable, the entire rent, lease layer can offer, we invite you to join, cooperation and seek common development!

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