Job Posting

A marketing representative: 20 salary ranging from 50,000 to 500,000

      Male, health, mechanical or marketing-related professional, able to adapt to the long-term nature of the work abroad. Have some sales skills, have a career development plan, with team spirit and there is a global concept. There coal industry resources priority.


2, Customer Service Engineer: 20 yuan monthly income in 5000-8000

      Male, health, secondary education, mechanical or electrical related, understand the basic building principles of mechanical equipment, electrical control installation familiar knowledge, able to adapt to long-term foreign and nature of work go down operations. Electrical Equipment Company in a large coal mine in mechanical and electrical workers or priority.


3, Mechanical Engineer: 10 Salary + Performance 3000-5000

      Male, college degree or above, mechanical design or Mechatronics. More than one year of work experience, familiar with the mechanical design and manufacturing techniques, principles and characteristics of the familiar combination of mechanical structures, mechanical product design methods to master, able to skillfully operate CAD design software and other office machines Proe.


4, Android Software Engineer: three basic wage 3000-5000

      College education, computer software, communications-related field preferred; familiar with the Android system architecture and related technologies, including UI, network, etc. in this regard; skilled use of common database operations statements; Android more than 1 year experience in product development; (except training project experience); proficient in java development projects have had hands-on experience; can quickly learn to use new technologies, creative thinking skills, strong analytical and problem solving skills;


5, art: two basic wage 2800-3500 yuan

      Male or female, proficient PS, CorelDraw and other image processing software; an independent design capability, can immediately complete the task leadership arrangements; there are more than 1 year experience in image processing and design work.


6, warehouse manager: two basic wage 2000-3000

      Female, 20-35 years old, professional limited, require proficiency in the use of software and the use of financial UF excel produce a variety of forms, there is a certain degree of ability; to work hard, work initiative, team spirit, have some experience in warehouse preferred.


7. Cost Accounting: a basic wage 2,500-3,000 yuan

      Male or female, accounting graduate, certificate in accounting, cost accounting for more than one year of experience is preferred.


8, clerks: 5 basic salary (2000-3000)

      Female, college and higher education, secretarial, Chinese, English, machinery and other graduate priority. Outgoing personality, strong communication skills. Use proficiency EXCELL, WORD and other office software, and can read drawings.


9, maintenance electrician two basic wage 2400-3500 yuan

       Male, 35 years old, more than three years of work experience, and high-voltage electrical permits the network card, understand the circuit repair shop lathes, milling machines, welding machines, traffic and other equipment, factory high and low voltage distribution of knowledge.


10, the assembly fitter: 2 piecework 2000-5000

      Male, 50 years old, in good health. Able to read basic drawings, proficiency drills and vertical drilling Rocker, independent crossed. Dedication, subject to arrangements.


11, workshop general workers: two basic wage 2000-2800 yuan

      Male, 50 years old, in good health. Can be hard, dedication, subject to arrangements. Mainly engaged in cargo transport and so on.


12, project reporting commissioner: two basic salary (2600-3500 dollars)

Female, college and higher education, secretarial, file management, and other professional graduate priority; in more than a year of work projects or patent application, familiar with the project reporting process; has good organizational skills and good language communication skills, and to positive synergy the work of others.


13, a network administrator two basic wage 2000-2600 yuan

Male, 35 years old, computer-related professional, college degree or above, require network administrators have had two years of working experience. The company is responsible for the normal network operations and maintenance, office equipment hardware, software, routine maintenance and service. All of the above post positive after five insurance companies to buy, lunch and dinner meal supplement, providing dormitory or traffic (calls subsidies based on the nature of the job) subsidies, enjoy the company of holiday gifts, weddings and marriage benefits.


Address: Yuhua District, Central Branch Park Vocational Education City Road 32 Contact: Miss Tang Tel: 0731-85079675 Getting :( city Shaoshan Road Railway Institute in the south can take the road to the vibration 806,120,810 China Xing'an Road intersection to get off, along Xing'an Road 100 meters to the north).

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